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BanFire flame retardant for fabric is now approved for use in California. RDR Technologies recently received word from CalFire that BanFire is now registered for use in the state for California Title 19 Section 1237.1, registration number C-26701. It can now be freely used by schools, daycares, eldercares, restaurants and other public spaces with hanging fabrics like drapes, curtains and other decorations.

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NOW OFFERING ON-SITE APPLICATION: RDR Technologies may be available to travel to your jobsite to apply flame retardant to fabrics, wall coverings, even construction materials. Call for info.

BanFire meets the needs for
Fire Protection for Day Cares
Day Cares

Fire Retardant Curtains for Nursing Homes
Nursing Homes

Fire Retardant Spray for Schools

PLUS theaters, schools, restaurants, offices and more

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BanFire - the new, simple-to-use fire retardant and fireproofing spray for fabrics! Perfect retardant for Schools, Day Cares, Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Homes and Public Spaces. Just spray it on and let it dry!

RDR Technologies carries lots of different fire retardant sprays, paints and coatings. If you don't see what you need, give us a call and we'll find it for you!


Everything you need to get your facility compliant with the Fire Marshal - 6 Quarts for $99 and
BanFire Fire Retardant Spray  Kit

Has the fire marshal said you need to treat something with a fire retardant?

BanFire meets the most common requirements looked for by US Fire Marshals, such as NFPA 701 and Life Code 101, as well as California Title 19 Section 1237.1. It is suitable for drapes, curtains and other hanging fabrics and decorations. It is also effective on paper and cardboard.

If the fire marshal has pointed out any curtains or other hanging fabric that requires flame retardant, we'll give you everything you need. Not just the fire retardant spray, but the MSDS, Technical Data Sheet, and even a certificate to show who treated the fabric and when - a complete paper trail to cover your next inspection!

BanFire is simple to apply. Just spray it on till wet, using any common household sprayer, garden sprayer or even a commercial airless sprayer. You can even dip it and wring it out to dry. Thicker fabrics or high polyester fabrics may require a second application. BanFire is odorless, so it may be applied while there are other people present.

There have been a lot of news stories about fire retardant lately, especially those containing chemicals known as polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PBDE's. These chemicals have been commonly used in furnishings and plastics. But PBDE's are bio-persistent, which means they do not break down in the environment. Rest assured that BanFire contains NO PBDE's or other toxic ingredients. In fact, the active ingredients in BanFire are actually common food additives, ingredients you can find in every grocery store in the country!

And best of all, BanFire really works!

BanFire fire retardant paintNEW! BanFire Fire Retardant Paint for construction materials

BanFire Intumescent Fire Retardant Paint is an effective and affordable fire retardant paint that can be used in a variety of situations where fire safety is important. Theatrical stages, basements, childrens' bedrooms, day care centers, and more. Use on Lumber, Plywood, OSB, MDF, Particle Board, Drywall, I-Joist, Metal Framing Studs and similar materials. Can be topcoated or painted over without loss of effectiveness. Class 'A' Rated according to ASTM E84. Available in White, Grey, Tan and Black, in one gallon and five gallon pails. Click for more info >>>

Free Shipping on One Gallon and Five Gallon pails of BanFire! Treats 400 square feet per gallon, and comes with all necessary documentation to keep you in the good graces of the fire marshal.
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For product information, call 405-260-8052 or email doug@rdrtechnologies.com

BanFire Retardant Spray
Meets NFPA 701
standard for
Films & Fabrics
Life Code 101

California Title 19 Section 1237.1 for Fabrics


No Odor
No Bromines
No Flourines

1 quart - $16.95
1 gallon - $59.95 (free ship)
5 gallons - $245.00 (free ship)
(one gallon treats
400 sq ft)
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RDR is distributor for fire retardant sprays and coating from six other manufacturers around the country. So we can offer a fire retardant solution for nearly ANY problem, including

  • Wood
  • Thatch
  • Sealed surfaces
  • Rubber
  • Plastics
  • Steel
  • Drywall
  • EPS
  • Spray Foam
  • and MORE!

If you have a problem material, just give us a call at 405-260-8052, and we'll find the right solution for you. Ask for Doug.




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